You can Gift Aid your donation!

With the Government’s Gift Aid Scheme with every £1 you give, the Fund receives an extra 28 pence – at no extra cost to you – for example, you donate £10, the Fund receives £12.82.

When do I qualify?

When you pay the amount (or more) that is reclaimed on your donation in UK tax on your income, pension or savings, in the financial year. For example, £5 a month comes to £60 in a financial year. When this is subject to Gift Aid the Fund can reclaim £16.80 across the year – so you must pay £16.80 or more in tax during the year to qualify.

You can reclaim the tax from your donation if you are a higher rate taxpayer, just include details of your charitable gifts on your tax form. Higher rate taxpayers can reclaim tax relief from donations to charity during the previous and the current tax years, so the relief is paid much faster.

What you need to do

You can download the Gift Aid form here, or the Gift Aid form for Sponsored events here. Please remember to tick the Gift Aid box when you make a donation to the Fund. This enables us to reclaim the tax on your donation.

thank you from Rox Music

thank you from Rox Music