Guidance and help with your Application

The Trustees give priority to supporting requests for volunteer and educational efforts to help prevent abuse, deprivation, bullying and neglect of children in the UK and Ireland.

FFFC contributions are primarily given to support three areas:

        1 Activities, Community outreach programmes.

        2 Educational materials, equipment, public awareness and promotional campaigns, and seminars.

        3 Volunteer, self-help and professionally-facilitated support groups. The Fund does not pay staff wages or costs but can pay for training.

The Trustees review and approve grant requests quarterly, normally in January, April, July and September each year, based on the available accumulated funds. Each application is considered for the quarter in which it is received.

Applicants are required to send a financial statement, or evidence of a bank account in the applying organisation's name.

All grant applications to be considered must be correct and complete with all relevant accounts. All should be accompanied by a letter from the contact person of the organisation, giving the FFFC Trustees any further information likely to assist their request.

Organisations must wait for two years after the issue of an FFFC grant before re-applying, unless the Trustees consider the new request is exceptional.

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