Make a donation in your will

The Fund uniquely helps others to help children by giving grants primarily to small, local children's charities throughout the UK. These charities need help urgently but find it difficult to compete with larger charities for funds. Grants made by the Fund sometimes make the difference between their ability to continue and closure.

Thanks to your support, over the past few years the Fund has helped so many children's charities in so many ways.

How to make a legacy gift

A gift in your will to the FFFC Fund makes a lasting positive difference, and helps you secure the future for the most vulnerable children.

You can give to the FFFC Fund in your will in different ways:

1. a set amount of money written in your will (a Pecuniary Bequest.)

2. a particular item, for example jewellery or a car, (a Specific Bequest.)

3. the remainder of your estate after all other bequests are made and any debts cleared (a Residuary Bequest.)

If you have a will, and would like to amend it to help build the FFFC Fund, your solicitor will help you make the necessary changes.

If you haven't yet made a will, it is very easy. Your solicitor can guide you to prepare and write it according to your wishes. If you do not have a solicitor, your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Yellow Pages will help you to find one.

Please let us know if you have made us a beneficiary by emailing us here.

For any advice or help you may need, please telephone, post, or to email us, see Contact Us for details

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